Fundamentals of Computation Lab

Summer 2014 – CSCI-1411 – Fundamentals of Computing Lab


Note: Pre-labs are always due at the beginning of class (hard-copy to be turned in).
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Course Information
CSCI-1411 Syllabus [Summer 2014]


Required Text
Title: Starting out with C++: From Control Structures Through Objects, 8th Edition
Author: Tony Gaddis
Publisher: Pearson Education, Limited, 2014
ISBN-10: 0-13-379633-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-379633-9

Class Time/Location

Tuesday/Thursday – Section 001
Time: 1:00[pm] – 2:15[pm]
Location: PC-Lab LW-840
Office: Graphics Lab LW-820
Office Hours: 2:30[pm] – 3:30[pm]

Lab Resources
Putty | WinSCP | Nano Tutorial | Open VIM Tutorial | CU Denver VPN

Lab Setup
Lab Computer Username/Password: UCD Login
CSE Grid Address: csegrid.ucdenver.pvt
CSE Shared Folder Hostname: csenas.ucdenver.pvt (Use this address for shared folders)
    PC Folder Host: \\csenas.ucdenver.pvt\yourusername\
    Mac Folder Host: smb://csenas.ucdenver.pvt/yourusername
CSE Grid Username/Password: UCD Login
VPN Registration Username/Password: UCD Login

CSCI-1411 (Lab 0) CSE PC-Lab Introduction
CSCI-1411 Lab-1 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-2 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-3 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-4 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-5 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-6.1 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-6.2 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-7 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-8 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-9 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-10 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-11 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-12 (PDF)
CSCI-1411 Lab-13 (PDF)

Lab Guides
Note: Some of this information is also provided on the Canvas website under Announcements:
CSCI 1411 Lab Setup Guide (PC)
CSCI 1411 Lab Setup Guide (MAC)
CSCI 1411 Basic Unix Commands
CSCI 1411 Submitting An Assignment
CSCI 1411 A Quick Guide to Using Nano
CSCI 1411 An Extremely Quick Guide to Using Vim

Sample Hello World Program: main.cpp

C++ Documentation
The following links should be used when looking up the documentation related to the functions and classes provided by the C++ standard. I have also provided a link to the Bjarne Stroustrup’s (original C++ language designer) C++ Faq and the large C++ FAQ! if there are any complex questions you would like to investigate on your own (note: most of the topics in the FAQs are not relevant to the the class work but they can be useful).