PuTTY – Configuration

Changing the Default Terminal Colors

This is a brief guide to changing the ANSI Blue/Blue Bold colors within PuTTY to modify the comment colors displayed in Vim.

Step 1: Open PuTTY and use the options tree on the left to select the following:

  • Window->Colours

Once on this property page there will be a selection of ANSI colors that can be changed.

Step 2: Look through the ANSI color list until the following two colors are found:

  • ANSI Blue
  • ANSI Blue Bold

Select the color you would like to change from within the list and press the “Modify” button. This will open a color-picking dialog where you can specify the color.

Step 3: At this point be sure to save the changes. This is done after you have changed the colors you want to modify. In the left hand property tree, select Session, type in a name for the session in the “Saved Sessions” text-field and then press the Save button.

At this point you should be able to connect to the UC Grid and use Vim. It should use your changed PuTTY settings (to overwrite the Vim defaults).