Software Engineering Practices
Software Engineering Practices (4260) is defined to be the capstone experience of the Computer Science curriculum at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. This class is designed to demonstrate how numerous technical and communication skills are used in the application domain of software engineering.

Informational Outline
This portfolio describes the overall process of developing a software application in an educational environment and illustrates the key artifacts related to this process. The executive summary of this portfolio is divided between both the project section and the process section. The artifacts provided in this portfolio specifically address the process of designing, implementing, and documenting the software developed.

Project - Discover the proposed CS 4260 project, how the process of development began, and how this portfolio documents the progress of the project. This page provides an executive summary of this portfolio.

Process - Design process, team development, and communication are the essential elements of any team-driven project. Explore the process that allowed the development of critical project artifacts. 

Artifacts - Documentation of the development process provides a wealth of information about how initial goals were set and how their requirements were fulfilled.

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 December 11, 2010 | CS 4260 Fall 2010 | Metropolitan State University of Denver | Shane Transue