I completed my B.S. in computer science with a minor in mathematics and continued my education through my M.S. degree in computer science with a research focus in computer graphics and physical simulation. My undergraduate research focuses included computer graphics, artificial intelligence, language design, and software engineering. My graduate research includes computer graphics, 3D scanning, animation, parallel algorithm design, and physical simulation. I graduated with my M.S. in Computer Science in 2014.

I am currently a Ph.D candidate | GAANN Fellow under Dr. Min-Hyung Choi at UCD as a researcher with the University of Colorado Graphics Lab. I work within both the CG lab and the UC Denver Comcast Media and Technology Center.

Formal Education:

    PhD in Computer Science (Physical Simulation & Medical Research), 2014 – Present
    University of Colorado Denver, Denver, Colorado
    Advisor: Dr. Min-Hyung Choi
    Thesis Topic: Control and manipulation of deformable models in physically-based simulations.
    Computer architecture, fluid simulation, game design, parallel algorithm design, and physical simulation.

    Masters of Science in Computer Science, 2014
    University of Colorado Denver, Denver, Colorado
    Thesis Advisor: Dr. Min-Hyung Choi
    Thesis Topic: Control and manipulation of deformable models in physically-based simulations.
    Computer architecture, graphics, game design, and physical simulation.

    Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, 2011
    Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, Colorado
    Project Adviser: Dr. Jody Paul
    Project Topic: Robot Monitoring and Visualization (RoMoVi)
    Algorithm analysis, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction.

Computer Science [Major, Thesis, Dissertation]

Shader and GPU (Author, Graduate) Parallel Computing (PhD) Animation (PhD, TA)
Advanced Architecture (Graduate) Artificial Intelligence (Graduate) Algorithms (Graduate)
Applied Graph Theory (Graduate) Computer Graphics (Graduate, TA) Game Design (Author, Graduate, TA)
Data-Structures (TA) Object Oriented Development Operating Systems (Graduate, TA)
Software Engineering Principles Theory of Computation Database Systems
Algorithms Web Technologies Software Engineering Practices
Computer Networks Artificial Intelligence Prin. Programming Languages
Interactive Design Computer Org. and Assembly Architecture
Computer Science I (Fund. of Comp.) Computer Science II Computer Science III


Tensor Calculus Vector Calculus Discrete Mathematics
Linear Algebra Mathematical Proofs Combinatorics
Computational Matrix Algebra Business Mathematics Probability and Statistics
Calculus I Calculus II Calculus III
Differential Equations Partial Differential Equations Numerical Analysis

Mechanical Engineering [PhD EAS]

Theory of Elasticity Finite Element Analysis Continuum Mechanics
Numerical Methods (Graduate) Engineering Analysis (Graduate) Physics I: Newtonian Physics

Electrical Engineering

Digital Signal/Image Processing (Graduate) Digital Circuits
Physics II: Magnetism and Optics Electrical Engineering: Electronics

Formal Research
    Research that I have conducted in a formal setting has been with MSUD (Usability and Software Engineering) or UCD (Graphics, physics simulation, and animation) in cooperation with Gamma Two Robotics and Laser Technologies Inc. I have compiled the various projects and papers that have been developed and authored during the course of this research to make them openly available.

  • Physics Simulation (Continuum Mechanics, Finite Element Methods, etc).
  • Computer Animation (Physical Simulation | Deformable-object Control)
  • Computer Graphics (Lighting, Materials, Shading, Modeling, etc. | OpenGL, DirectX)
  • 3D Scanning (Tilt-Pan Laser-Based point cloud acquisition)
  • Usability Engineering (RoMoVi – Remote robotics monitoring)
  • Parallel Language Performance (OpenCL vs CUDA and memory hierarchy analysis)

Independent Research
    Independent research and related projects have been developed with various individuals from MSUD, UCD, and various other independent researchers. The development of research in these fields is driven by engine design (where engine design incorporates game design, tool sets, and scientific visualization). Each of these research topics contributes to the effort of conveying complex environments and tools to achieve an acceptable level of usability for scientists and artists.

  • C/C++ (Library Design, Algorithm Construction)
  • Programming Language Design (Lexical analysis, Parsing, Compiling, Documentation Language Design – jDoc)
  • Expression Parsing (Mathematical Expression Evaluation)
  • Software Engineering (Modular Library Design, MVC, Methodologies)
  • Physics Engine Design (Rigid body, Deformable bodies)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks, Case-Based Reasoning)
  • Game Design (Asset creation – models, textures, materials, etc., Level Design, Modification Design)


  • University of Colorado Regents Speaker, University of Colorado Denver, Regents, Chancellor of UCD, Dean of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Dean of the College of Arts and Media, Denver Colorado, 2017.
  • IEEE Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems, and Engineering (Travel), NSF, Washington DC, 2016.
  • International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC) – Travel Award, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Colorado Denver, 2015.
  • Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Colorado Denver, 2013.
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